What is Continuing Professional Development?

​Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which MFAA members maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the qualities required in their professional lives.  ​

The updating of skills and knowledge is critical in keeping abreast of industry changes, maintaining professional competence and ensuring that qualifications do not become obsolete.

There are a variety of methods to maintain, improve and broaden knowledge, expertise and competence - the range of professional development activities selected will vary according to individual career planning, area of expertise, learning style, identified needs, and timing and availability. The important point to remember is that the learning must be relevant to our industry, your current role or career aspirations.​

CPD model.JPG

MFAA members currently self-assess their MFAA CPD hours accumulated and can update their CPD activities within the online membership portal.​

More CPD information: